Entry #1

Another Rock Out Game

2007-07-19 16:11:45 by brokenjoe

Hey Now,

It's been a few days so I'd figured I'd post about my Rock Out game like everyone else.
I don't care about the score or anything, I'd just like to see it in the Rock Out contest section seeing as it is a Rock Out game and did garner a Number 3 spot in the daily winners. Might I also remind ya that Bombox' game was also out that day as number one, so being the top five is some good company.


The game has nothing to do with Gears of War, but rather uses the drum beats to metal songs to base the rythm off of. Most of the reviews say it's fun to play, but if you think other wise prove me wrong.

One more thing, you don't need a super computer to run the game. A basic computer on low quality setting will work just as well.


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2007-07-19 16:18:18

The contest is over. You can't submit anymore, or atleast it won't win anything.


2007-07-19 16:23:46

Okay, I don't care if this is late, this is so fun.


2007-07-19 16:42:32

Guys, it was actually submitted on the 15th which means its not late.

This is probably my favorite RO game in the contest, the gameplay is the most like a professional rhythem game of all the ones I played. I'm not crazy about the graphics, dont get me wrong, they look great, as I said in my review, I would have atleast liked a version with more basic graphics that just focused on the gameplay (even just using the same songs, just without all the tanks and stuff.

I filled out the "Submit this to a collection page" form for the rock out contest and general rhythem games. Good luck!

BTW brokenjoe, if you goto the armor games contest page, your in that list so if I had to guess, I'd say you are in the contest, but Tom and them just havent added you to the NG contest page. http://www.armorgames.com/rockout.htm l


2009-03-24 22:48:30

Hey, Joe, do you still come to newgrounds?


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